Below is a list of servers you can use your IRC client to connect to in order to join the BonoboNET network.


List of clearnet-connected servers; all of these servers have IPv6 addresses but only some have IPv4 too; notably rany.bnet.

Node Address Port
rany.bnet 6667/6697 (TLS)
reddawn648.bnet 6667/6697 (TLS)
pinewood.bnet 6667/6697 (TLS)


List of servers available over the CRXN network.

Node Address Port
reddawn648.bnet fd96:21ef:a9ba::1 6667/6697 (TLS)


List of servers available over the Yggdrasil network.

Node Address Port
rany.bnet 200:6f99:2afe:41fd:fc3b:b1f7:af9d:f3a0 6667/6697 (TLS)
pinewood.bnet 200:8101:e046:d91e:d4a2:aad1:f3a0:8ef1 6667/6697 (TLS)
reddawn648.bnet 204:fb3e:d9e:9f20:7af1:27ab:6aed:df32 6667/6697 (TLS)
braveheart.bnet 219:3cf0:dd1d:47b9:555e:75ac:2ab5:493b 6667/6697 (TLS)


List of servers available over the I2P network.

Node Address Type
rany.bnet zet2po3a6pjlsbpgbvlintiwvnpjw6d4bdsem5kcckbqiroebq3q.b32.i2p:6667 No SSL/TLS
pinewood.bnet weskaap:6667 No SSL/TLS


List of servers available over the DN42 network.

Node Address Port