You can setup monitoring of your node with OpenBNET which is our custom written monitoring software for thew unrealircd daemon.

Configuring JSON-RPC

The way in which OpenBNET communicates with the unrealircd daemon is via a JSON-RPC HTTP socket, however this is not enabled by default in unrealircd, therefore one must enable it by including this piece of configuration in a new file named openbnet.conf:

/* Load the JSON-RPC modules */
include "rpc.modules.default.conf";

/* Setup a block to listen for RPC calls */
    port 8001;
    options { rpc; }

/* Set authentication details */
rpc-user apiuser
    match { ip *; }
    password "password";

Once this file has been created you can place the following at the end of your unrealircd.conf file:

/* Support for OpenBNET NG */
include "openbnet.conf";

Now save this file and reload your unrealircd daemon