OpenBNET is a lightweight daemon that runs a web server that provides an API endpoint for getting information about the global BonoboNET IRC network as well as providing a cute little status page regarding this information.

Configuring unrealircd

unrealircd will need to be configured for this piece of software to work. This is because OpenBNET requires a UNIX domain socket to connect to over which the IRC daemon provides the needed global state information.

Installing the module

We must first install the module such that the shared object file .so (the plugin) becomes available for the IRC daemon to dynamically link in at runtime whenever it appears in the configuration file (seen in the next step):

To do this you will need to be in your unrealircd source directory where the unrealircd binary is present, then run:

./unrealircd module install third/wwwstats

Configuring the module

We must now configure both unrealircd to know that the module is available, this is done with the following line:

/* Load the module into unreal */
loadmodule "third/wwwstats"; 

And then we must configure the module itself:

* Support for OpenBNET 
wwwstats { 
        socket-path "/tmp/openbnet.sock";

It is important that the loadmodule call is done first before using the wwwstats block.

Configuring OpenBNET

This is taken directly from the OpenBNET GitHub repository.

Setting up

You will need the following and can install them easily:

  1. python3
  2. flask
  3. pip
apt install python3 python3-pip
pip3 install flask

You will need to configure the third/wwwstats module as well, information on doing so can be found here.


Firstly grab all the files in this repository, then:

chmod +x

The next thing to do will be to set the following environment variables:

You can then run it like such:



There is an example systemd unit file included in the repository as openbnet.service

Custom branding

You can adjust the branding in by taking a look at the following:

# Network information
    "networkName": "OpenBonobo",
    "description": "Network statistics for the BonoboNET network",
    "networkLogo": "open_bnet_banner.png",