BonoboNET is very open to peering with new servers.

Peering process

Below is a guide for peering your server onto BonoboNET.

Peering rules

Make sure you abide by the normal rules as put out in Rules and then the additional peering rules:

  1. You will NOT run any services on the network.
    • services.bnet is the dedicated services host operated by rany
  2. You will not link any servers to the network without running it through rany or deavmi first
  3. You will update your configuration when requested
  4. You will be on the #opers and #bnet channels always
  5. You will use the following motd

Finding a peer

First, you need to find someone who is already running a BonoboNET node and available for peering.

You will then notify either rany or deavmi and provide details on who you are and who you want to link with. The person you want to link with must follow this whole document as well as the others within this section.

Network requirements

We prefer links that run over clearnet IPv6-only - considering most nodes have access to such network connectivity it would make sense to get an IPv6 connection for yours if you wish to join.