Botty is the official BonoboNET bot written by rany.


There are quite a few of commands and this section aims to describe them all.

Translation service

Botty has the ability to translate sentences you give it to any language of choice or to guess the language of the setenece provided and then to translate it to English.

The following translates the given sentence to English by guessing the origin language:

~deavmi: .tr My naam is Koolerboks

The reply:

+botty: deavmi, My name is Koolerboks

The following let's you translate a given sentence to the requested language, here Arabic:

~rany: .tr:ar ya like jazz?

The reply:

+botty: rany, هل تحب موسيقى الجاز؟

Deavmi Comedy

If you wish to express the

a e t h e t i c s
in your text then this command is for your:

~rany: .deavmicomedy OKAY!

The reply:

+bottyL rany, O K A Y !

Rot 13

Rot 13 does a simple scrambling of the words. For more information see ROT13.

Here we rotate the text "THIS IS A SECRET... ROMAN SECURITY":


The reply:


Urban Dictionary lookup

Botty provides the ability to look up the meaning of words according to the world's true source of information, Urban Dictionary.

Here we use the command to lookup the definition of "penis":

~rany: .ub penis

The reply:

botty: rany, Definition:
botty: [the thing] that [justin bieber] [doesnt] have
botty: rany, Example:
botty: [haha] he [doesnt] have [a penis]
botty: rany, Author: helloim345
botty: rany, Permalink:

If you want to get the second top definition then you can do something like this:

~rany: .ub:2 penis

Text reversal

You can reverse text too:

deavmiYgg: .rev Hello world, this is tristan

The reply:

botty: deavmiYgg, natsirt si siht ,dlrow olleH

Searching the web

Botty provides the ability to search the web using DuckDuckGo and grabbing the first result. Here we search for the definition of "Little Endian":

deavmiYgg: .ddg Little Endian

The reply:

botty: deavmiYgg, <section class="prog__container"><p>From Swift: someone who eats eggs little end first. Also used of computers that store the least significant byte of a word at a lower byte address than the most significant byte. Often considered superior to big-endian machines. See also big-endian.</p></section>


You can ping hosts using Botty. It will only ping the host once which is akin to running ping <ip> -c 1.

rany: .ping

The reply:

botty: rany, rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.489/0.548/0.599/0.045 ms


Botty has a few integrations with respect to textual recognition.

Website recognition

Botty can recognize links in text and shows the website's title at said link.


The reply:

botty>: [ ] Home | Tristan B. Kildaire


If you have a YouTube video in the message you send then it will appear with the information:


The reply:

+botty: When a Fish Lived Inside Your PC: MOPy Fish | Nostalgia Nerd - length 15 minutes and 56 seconds - ↑4,262, ↓93  (97.9%) - 76,981 views - Nostalgia Nerd on 2021.09.29 -